A Journey Towards Personal & Planetary Well-Being

In Our Element Course. Course details "A quest for personal and planatery welll-being.

In Our Element Course

Can you join us on a journey towards personal & planetary well-being?

Course Dates: 3rd – 8th of October 2022

Location: Harford Bunkhouse

The Course
Structured around the wisdom of the ancient Chinese Five Element system, the course will lead you through an immersive six days, that begins with exploring the impacts of these elements of nature within the human body, before looking at what we as humans have done to them in the outer world, and what we can do about it to help it heal.

The course will cover positive psychology, climate science, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, qi gong, walking, nature connection, group process, creativity, as well as the opportunity to wild swimming and dance!

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By Rachel Geary

Rachel Geary: Teacher, facilitator I am a practicing acupuncturist and have been running my own multi-bed clinic in Torbay for the last fourteen years. This has given me first-hand experience of the rich diversity of talent and potential held within my local community as well as the challenges of harnessing it. I have also been practicing meditation in the Buddhist tradition since 1995. Buddhism and Chinese Medicine have been instrumental in shaping and deepening my understanding of the natural cycles and intricacies of the living world, lessons that I personally try to integrate into the way I live my life. This desire to ‘Be the change’ led to my decision to study Sustainability and Behavior Change at CAT and to develop this into the shared journey of exploration that has manifested in this course.