Nature Connection

Nature Connection

Although its overall importance can’t be overstated, nature-connection has a particular synergy with the Earth element. The digestive organs of Earth, provide us with the nourishment that sustains us as human beings, and that nourishment comes directly from the soil of the Earth itself. Reviving the ancient link between our own extraordinary existence and that of the planet that gave us life is a homecoming. When we begin to truly feel that we are part of the nature that surrounds us we are provided with unparalleled support, reassurance and hope. The science attesting to the importance of nature-connection for both personal and planetary well-being is so strong, that some commentators believe that our disconnection from nature lies at the heart of our current predicament.

“Our deep-running human story of dominance and disconnection is entrenched by a widespread isolation from nature, both physical and emotional. Life increasingly mediated by urban environments and technology lacks the experience of and engagement with nature that fosters familiarity and identification with the living world.” (Bristow et al., 2022)

Science suggests that Nature-connection is a process, such that its real benefits are only felt when an emotional connection is made, however as the following study shows, simply spending more time outside can make a difference.

Bratman et al. (2015), The benefits of nature experience: Improved affect and cognition

In this experiment 60 people were studied for 15 months. Some participants were asked to walk in urban areas and others walked in natural spaces. All participants were questioned about various mental states before and after their walk.


Figure 1. The results of nature exposure on individuals’ emotional (Affective) experience.


Even just walking in a natural setting has multiple benefits. The graphs show it reduces anxiety and rumination significantly and slightly improves mood overall (Bratman et al., 2015).

Capaldi et al. (2015), Flourishing in Nature: A Review of the benefits of connecting with nature and its application as a wellbeing intervention

This paper published in 2015 looked at the findings of numerous other studies on the topic. They found that as well as improving positive emotions and reducing negative emotions connecting with nature could also result in an:

  • increased feeling of autonomy
  • Increased freedom to be your authentic self
  • increased intrinsic motivation
  • increased feelings that life is meaningful

Studies also showed that it:

  • supports personal growth
  • supports self-esteem
  • supports self-regulation
  • supports social competency
  • is linked to feeling more vital and alive
  • is linked to feelings of awe

and is linked to feeling a spiritual connection to a greater whole
(Capaldi et al., 2015)

Connecting to nature helps us to learn how lucky we are to be here.


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